Work Permits

Any minor under the age of 18 and not specifically exempted from the Youth Employment Standards Act (P.A. 90 of 1978) must have a work permit completed.  A completed form permits a minor to be employed only by the employer listed in Section II of the work permit.  Appropriate form must be used according to age of child.

Work Permit for students under 16 years of age (2 pages)

Work Permit for students ages 16 or 17 (2 pages)

Provide proof of age:

  • A certified copy of birth record or other proof of age showing the place and date of birth. A certified copy of valid operator's license issued by Michigan showing date of birth.

  • The school record.

  • The sworn statement of minor's parent/guardian and statement from physician.

  • If a minor comes from another state to work in Michigan, the minor should bring a certified birth certificate and an unofficial transcript from the out-of-state school attended which includes the school's complete name, address, city, state, zip code, county and telephone number.

Section I must be completed by student and parent/guardian.  All areas must be completed before returning to the school. Proof or evidence of age is required. 

Minors seeking employment who are homeschooled shall be issued a work permit by the State of Michigan issuing officer of the school district, intermediate school district, public school academy, or nonpublic school in which the minor's residence or prospective employer is located.  The minor must present a signed, written statement from the parent or guardian, as the instructor of record, indicating how many hours per week the student is being homeschooled (Nonpublic and Home School information).  The State of Michigan issuing officer will attach the parent/guardian statement to the work permit and keep a copy of the statement with their copy of the work permit filed at the school.

Section II must be completed by employer. All areas must be completed. Job duties and hours of employment must be completed and be within guidelines as listed on backside of work permit form.  If hours of work are outside regular allotted hours, than employer must attach Department of Labor deviation form with current expiration date.

Section III is completed by the authorizing Pupil Accounting official at a State of Michigan school district, intermediate school district, public school academy or nonpublic school official designated as an issuing officer.

The issuing officer will copy the completed work permit and place the copy in the student's permanent school file. Then the student must give the original completed work permit to the person, company, business, firm or corporation prior to start of work which is kept on file at the student's place of employment.

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