Title VI Native American Education

Parent Advisory Committee Meeting

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How Do I Qualify for Title VI Services?

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Does your child have a Native American Heritage?

Does your child have a Title VI Indian Student Eligibility Certification (506) Form on File?

Our office receives federal funding to meet the needs of Native American students in the East Jordan School District.  Program funding is based on the number of enrolled Native American students in the district.  In order for students to be counted and have access to Title VI services, parents must complete the Title VI Eligibility (506) pdf form and return it to their child's school.  The child may be of mixed racial heritage and no specific degree of Indian blood is needed but they do have to have an enrollment ID # or a parent or grandparent who has one.

Even if you do not wish for your child to receive Title VI assistance, it does help the school qualify for more grant money that another child really might need.  The more students we submit for this count, the more funds the school district will receive from the Office of Indian Education to create programming to meet the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of American Indian and Alaska Native students in our district.

Program Objectives and Services:

  1. Increase knowledge of cultural identity and awareness - through culturally relevant activities during the school day and after school

  2. Increase academic achievement - through academic tutoring based on the individual needs of each student

  3. Increase Native American language instruction - through Native language activities during the school day and after school

Upon submitting a count of these 506 forms each year, a budget is calculated.  The Title VI Indian Education Parent Committee then assists East Jordan Public Schools in developing next year's programming.  In order to pass federal and state audit, the form must be completely filled out by a parent or guardian.

If you know that you have already submitted this form, THANK YOU for supporting funding for Native students in public schools. If you haven't, please complete the attached form and submit it to the main office.

Miigwech! Thank you!