Biliteracy Achievement Scholarship winners

Congratulations to EJHS Graduate, Mailey Hamilton, on her Seal of Biliteracy Achievement Scholarship Awards! The Seal of Biliteracy is a gold seal that goes on a student's diploma showing that the student has achieved an Intermediate High (or higher) level of proficiency in English and another language. Colleges and employers will have objective criteria to see a student's level of biliteracy, and colleges use the Seal for placement, and in some cases, college credit. Mailey’s submission to the contest earned her second place due to her remarkable dedication, perseverance, and growth throughout her Spanish language learning journey. Her teacher’s (Angela Barrera) essay highlighted her outstanding achievements, involvement, and continuous efforts in becoming bilingual.

Mailey became the first person in her district, town, and a significant portion of northern Michigan to attain the Seal of Biliteracy. Her accomplishment not only demonstrated her personal growth but also put her town of East Jordan on the map of Seal recipients in Michigan, inspiring other students to pursue this achievement as well. Mailey’s success served as a powerful message that hard work and determination can lead to remarkable results.

EJPS is proud to announce that one other 2023 graduate, Kamryn Webb, and two class of 2024 seniors, Lila Kelly and Roberto Ambrosio, have also earned the Michigan Department of
Education Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish for the first time in East Jordan. There are very few districts in northern Michigan that have Seal recipients and now East Jordan is among the few!