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The East Jordan Wellness Center provides preventative health and counseling services to facilitate students optimal physical, mental, emotional, and social well being at both the Elementary School and the Middle/High School.  We assist children and teens to gain confidence and learn strategies to be more successful in and out of the classroom.  We promote healthy living practices to students, faculty, and parents.

These are some of the ways that the Wellness Center supports for our families and students:

Behavioral/Mental Health Services:

Sarah Pardee, LMSW (Elementary School), Rebecca Litzner, LMSW (Middle/High School) and Madison Griffith, LLMSW (Middle/High School) are licensed, Masters-level therapists from the Health Department that provide school-based behavioral/mental health services to students at EJPS, grades K-12.  They can offer individual, family, and group counseling.  Areas of treatment can include (but are not limited to):  Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Relationship/Social Skill Issues, Grief and Loss, Family Stressors, Parenting Support Strategies, Managing Behavior and Emotions, and Developing Healthy Coping Skills.

Kristyn Lynch, MA, LLPC (Middle/High School) is our school counselor.  Kristyn provides emotional support for students in need, along with providing educational guidance, developing post-secondary plans, assisting students with organization and making transitions from one grade to the next, and helping with everyday challenges that students may face at school.  

In addition, our mental health team will assist in bringing in outside programming and presentations related to awareness and prevention, such as bullying, suicide, substance use, and other important issues facing our youth today.

Physical Health Services:

Cindy Thomas (Elementary School) is our Health Aide and can assist students with their daily health needs.  This includes: (but not limited to) medication dispersal and treatment of minor injuries, such as cuts/burns/sprains, etc.  They are also the school's COVID-19 contact tracers. 

Dino Pizzino, RN is a Registered Nurse that will have an office at the Middle/High School building.  Dino will be assisting students that have more serious medical needs, such as diabetes/insulin management, catheterization, and other severe medical needs our EJPS students may have. Introduction letter pdf link.

In addition, our medical team will be able to offer teaching and education classes on health related topics to EJPS staff and students, including (but not limited to): CPR/First Aid/Basic Life Support, nutritional guidance, and physical activity.  They will also assist in bringing in outside programs, such as dental, vision, and hearing screenings for students.

Behavioral Health Services

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The East Jordan Wellness Center behavioral health program helps children and teens gain confidence, and learn strategies to be more successful in and out of the classroom.  Studies show that students who participate in school based behavioral health programs have significantly less disciplinary issues, enjoy better mental health, and, not surprisingly, perform better in school.  The East Jordan Wellness Center behavioral health program is operated by the Health Department of Northwest Michigan, in collaboration with East Jordan Public Schools, and is conveniently located in the East Jordan Middle High School for easy access.

Our licensed clinical social worker offers individual, group, and family therapy.  Some areas of treatment include:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Anger Management

  • Relationship and Social Skills

  • Grief and Loss

  • Family Stressors

  • Parenting Support Strategies

  • Managing Behavior and Emotions

  • Developing Healthy Coping Skills

Public and private health insurance companies will be billed for services provided.  A sliding fee payment schedule is also offered.  No child will be turned away for inability to pay.  Your child or family may be eligible for free or low-cost insurance through MIChild, HealthyKids, the Healthy Michigan Plan, or the Health Insurance Marketplace.  Visit the link to to learn more, or call the Health Department of Northwest Michigan at 1-800-432-4121 to learn more about coverage options, and to schedule an appointment for enrollment assistance.

Middle/High School Social Workers

Rebecca Litzner, LMSW

Madison Griffith, LLMSW

Elementary School Social Worker

Sarah Pardee, LMSW

MHS Wellness Center

Registered Nurse
Dino Pizzino, RN

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