Transportation Policy

“Our Mission: To transport students safely and in a timely manner to their destination, helping to make sure they are physically and emotionally ready to learn.”

2022-23 Students will be assigned the same seat every day.

Bus Number List 2022-23 - updated 11/4/22

Bus Number by Street 2022-23 - updated 11/4/22

Bus Transportation Registration form

Rules Apply

It is important to remember that the school’s rules apply to and from school, at school, on school property, at school-sponsored events, and on school transportation. In some cases, a student can be suspended from school for infractions of school bus rules. If a student is suspended from the regular bus, they will not be able to ride an activity bus.

Friendly Reminder

A friendly reminder to all drivers to be alert for school buses that are stopped or slowing down to pick up or drop off children. Please help keep our children safe by following the rules of the road. Remember: school buses stop at ALL railroad crossings.