Superintendent's Office

September, 2020

EJPS is . . . "A Great Place to Learn"

Dear Parents, Students and Community:

Welcome back to school for the start of the 20-21 school year.  There is so much going on as we make last minute preparations for the start of another exciting school year. Our principals, cabinet members and staff have been preparing to welcome students back into our buildings next week.  Principals have been concentrating on preparing Canvas and Accelerate platforms for staff and students as we plan for face-to-face and remote instructional opportunities for our students. Flexibility and persistence have been necessary for us as we look forward to the school opener this year.  Nothing is normal, nothing can be assumed and new challenges come upon us daily.  With that said, I am so happy to have an amazing team of people here in EJ that can be counted on during tough times. 

Our staff, parents and students will benefit from the tireless work that has been done this summer to put the school district into a position to be as ready for any circumstance that may arise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Will everything be perfect?  No.  Will we be moving in the right direction and keeping our students and staff as our top priority? Yes. With the challenges that we will be facing this year, I come back to three very common terms we find in the educational world that have been preparing us for this exact moment in time. Those terms are, Rigor, Problem Solving and Grit. These terms are the driving force in the development of quality lessons and successful students!

 At this moment in time, we need to look at these three words in order to guide our path during these uncharted waters. We’re looking forward to all that lies ahead as we continue to work together, as a community, to continue to improve the quality of education for all of our children during these challenging times. I hope that each of you enjoys the remaining days of summer and I look forward to a school year filled with great learning experiences for our students!


Matt Stevenson, Superintendent


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