Elementary Counseling

Partnering for the Growth of our Students

Welcome to the EJES Counseling page!

The counseling office exists to collaborate with parents, teachers, and administration to help bring out the best in each student. 


Every week, students receive classroom instruction on subjects such as emotional intelligence (EQ/Social-Emotional Learning), growth mindset and exploring passions as possible careers.  Individual and group coaching sessions are also available for students who are experiencing issues with grief, separation, anxiety, self-control, decision making, friendships, or other general “bumps in the road” we all experience growing up.


Parent coaching is also available for parents who want support in helping their child become the best versions of themselves.  The hardest, but most rewarding, job EVER is being a parent!  Having trouble communicating?  Not understanding what’s happening with your child?  Need to understand a new diagnosis?   It truly takes a village sometimes and the counseling office is always here for you!

Outside Referrals

If outside counseling services are needed, our office will work tirelessly to provide you with referrals to help your student get back on his or her feet.  From time to time, life throws us curve balls and reaching out for professional help is the best option.

Contact Information:

Sara Chase Heise             Phone: 231-536-7564 x5134        Email: sheise@ejps.org