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Transcript Requests:

In order to send transcripts for college applications, scholarship programs, NCAA eligibility, or almost anything else you would need a transcript for, past and present students need to register with Parchment to send their transcripts electronically.  Transcripts include ACT scores taken at East Jordan High School as part of the Michigan Merit Exam during a student's junior year.  Additional ACT scores may be included on your transcript, but are not guaranteed, so ACT retake scores taken outside of East Jordan High School should be requested when you take the ACT test again and sent to specific schools.

Current and Past students:

  • If you graduated after 2010, you must register with Parchment and can request your transcripts electronically.
  • If you graduated before 2010, you must request a hard copy of your official transcript.

Parchment:  Formerly called Docufied, Parchment is a secure way to send your official, high school transcript electronically.  Transcripts are sent, usually within 24 hours, and are received instantly by the college.  Parchment also confirms the receipt of the transcript.  No more wondering if all of your materials sent through the mail have been received and processed!  Transcripts are free to send to all public universities in the state of Michigan and to many other colleges throughout the country.  Sending transcripts to certain colleges, scholarship programs, or specialized loctions may result in a processing fee through Parchment.  This is a fast, easy, and convenient way to ensure that your transcripts are received in a timely manner along with your online college applications.  Once you are registered with Parchment, you can request transcripts anytime in the future, even after you graduate.  Follow these simple steps to get your transcripts sent:

  • Register with Parchment:  Every senior should register!  If you need some assistance registering with Parchment please see the counselor.
  • Complete College Applications:  Students should have their college applications completed and submitted before requesting transcripts be sent.  College applications should be completed online through the college's website.
  • Request Transcripts:  Login to your Parchment account and search for the colleges for which you would like your transcripts sent.  Select each college where to send your transcript and complete your request.  If you need some assistance requesting transcripts with Parchment see the counselor.

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