July, 2015

Dear Families of East Jordan Public Schools,

The spirit of Adventure is in the air at East Jordan Public Schools. The adventure of providing a world class education combined with the small school feel and caring environment that our parents have come to trust. Our goal is to provide our students with experiences that will last a lifetime……and memories to share forever. EJPS comprises a vibrant part of the community and takes its job of educating East Jordan’s youth seriously. We embrace the challenge of blending the many voices of our community who desire schools that deliver a world-class education to all students. It is the goal of East Jordan Public Schools to provide a climate of academic excellence for all students. Our school and community share the vision of empowering students to make wise life choices and become productive citizens and of helping them to realize their dreams by seeing an unfathomed world of possibilities.  The school year promises to be another positive chapter in the storied history of East Jordan, as our students and staff build on our past success while preparing for future accomplishments. Red Devil Pride is at an all-time high, and the future is bright for all.

In the classrooms, on stage, and on the field of competition, East Jordan students continue to make us proud. We are pleased to boast a wide variety of academic courses, and continue to grow while challenging our students to create, design, build, and apply. Our fine arts programs continue to produce world class artists and opportunities. Red Devil athletic teams have established themselves as a Lake Michigan Conference power and provide experiences that truly set our students apart. There is no doubt that our community should be proud of our kids, and the support that we have received has been much appreciated. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making East Jordan a place to be proud of – please continue to be first-hand witnesses to the great things happening in your community!

While academic studies and preparation is a primary focus, it is also recognized that in order to prepare our students to be well-rounded, productive members of a community, we must encourage them to take pride in all areas of their growth. Whether through athletics, the arts, community service or simply treating others with respect, East Jordan Pride is a commitment to always doing your best. The phrase “We Are EJ” has also evolved into students recognizing that “I Am EJ,” as they reflect on and are recognized for how they contribute to their communities, go out of their way to benefit others, and push themselves to achieve a higher level of excellence. Through this, our main purpose is to encourage students to take pride in how they represent themselves and how they treat others.

We have a tremendous community and a school that is taking strides each day to help our students maximize their potential and accomplish meaningful goals. I am grateful to all those who sacrifice their time, money, and energy to allow our programs to exist and grow. Thank you for your support – we will continue to do our best to make you proud. For those of you who are new to the East Jordan, we would love the opportunity to show you our school district and introduce you to the remarkable staff and students that make up our school family. Let’s share in this adventure together…..and share in the experiences that will last a lifetime!

We are . . . EJ!

Matt Stevenson, Superintendent



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Matt Stevenson

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